Childhood Obesity : America 's Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity in America According to the center for disease control and prevention, “Over 16 percent of children from six to 19 years of ages are obese.” This means that children eat more unhealthy foods every day. Fast food lovers consume more Fats, carbohydrates, sugars and fewer fruits. Every weekend my Neighbor buy a large pizza for lunch, my neighbor’s mother told that she will buy whatever her kids like. Even though restaurants are the business of making money by making cheap fast foods, children don 't eat healthy food. Children also like drinking sod instead of water which is healthier for them. I have heard in the past years diabetic adults, but in the United States I have heard both of children and adults diabetic. TV Ads has also connected by fast food industry In the article Win the Obesity War…By Banning TV Ads? Mentions that ban on fast food TV ads during children 's programming would reduce the number of
America has the highest obesity rate in the world; obesity is one of the leading health issues in the Unites States. Although external appearances are important, it 's a problem that is associated with health issues. Obesity can increase the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and orthopedic problems. Childhood obesity is a public concern because obesity is rapidly becoming the most prevalent issue among children. According to the article, Obesity: The New hungers, “over one-third of Americans are…

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