Childhood Obesity : A Serious Problem Essay

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Childhood obesity is a very serious problem in modern day America, with the convince of fast, cheap, fatty food, and the high price and low availability of good high quality produce it’s no wonder modern Americans an obesity epidemic and the worst part is we are passing it onto our children. Our book says “Overweight parents may serve as examples of poor exercise habits, encourage overeating, and keep unhealthy foods in the home” (Rathus, 2015). We need to lead our children by example for a healthier life. I think every person can think of at least one child they have known that has been overweight or obese. It is a problem that does not discriminate against race, but a big factor is income level of the family. It has been shown that households with a higher income tend to have more access to fresh affordable produce than those in low income inner city families. Our book states between 16% and 25% of children and adolescents in the United states are overweight or obese (Rathus, 2015). I was one of those children in the statistic that was overweight. It’s a problem I developed around aged 8 and continue to struggle with. Our book also says “Although parents often assume that heavy children will “outgrow”” baby fat,” most overweight children become overweight adult (Rathus, 2015) this is true in my case as well. I was born a healthy nine-pound baby boy a little on the heavy side but quickly slimmed down and was quite thin until around 8 or so and then the weight slowly…

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