Argumentative Essay: Childhood Obesity In Mississippi

Childhood Obesity in Mississippi
Children in Mississippi are facing one of the most deadly problems of the century: obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest problems Mississippi has faced in the past and will face in the future. Children are the future of Mississippi, so if they defeat obesity in children today then it will make a huge dent in obesity in the future. There are many ways to go about addressing obesity in Mississippi, but all of them require Mississippians to unite and take on this problem together.
Childhood obesity rates are through the roof in Mississippi. According to Anne Buffington from the Social Sciences Dept. at Mississippi State University, “the combined rate of overweight and obesity among Mississippi students in grades
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Parents are responsible for molding the minds of their children. Parents can instill healthy habits in children that the children will remember for a lifetime. While schools are effective in teaching the kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle, parents are much more effective. Usually kids hate school, and therefore hate everything that the school tells them to do. On the other hand, kids have no choice but to love their parents, so they will do whatever their parents want them to do. Because parents are the most influential people in a child’s life in regards to the diet and amount of exercise their children have, they are the most effective weapon Mississippians have against …show more content…
According to Shelley Holden from the University of Alabama, “Obesity poses an economic as well as a health problem in that costs associated with chronic diseases related to obesity are on the rise”(1) As one can see, it takes a conscious effort from Mississippians in order to fight this problem. It is the duty of the citizens of Mississippi to maintain the wellbeing of their fellow Mississippians. Obesity is a national epidemic that has swept across the nation, and if Americans are going to defeat this epidemic it is going to have to be done in the same fashion that it began. A wave of Americans standing together is required to defeat the wave of obesity that has swept through our country, and this wave can and will start in the wonderful state of

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