Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem Essay

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Childhood obesity
Child obesity is huge in America, we are known as the fattest of them all. There are so many children that suffer from diabetes and other health problems because of their weight. Although child obesity is a huge problem across the world, physical activity, healthier food choices, and a change in medication would help lower the numbers.
Imagine walking into the kitchen after a long day of school opening the fridge to get something to eat, children see an apple and a piece of cake sitting on the counter contemplating which snack should be chosen. Of course the piece of cake looks delicious especially with that frosting spreaded all over the top and sides mmm, although there 's a healthier alternative the “apple”. Most children of course will choose the piece of cake because it taste better than an apple with all that sugar. So many children will choose an unhealthy snack before they ever chose an apple or even an orange etc. Hence, solutions are needed because children don 't watch what they eat and can gain large amounts of weight and become obese, which can cause health problems now or even later in life.
Mendoza 2
No one can deny that a big piece of cake is too delicious to resist, although it isn 't as healthy either. Author from the article NCCOR discusses that “ since
1980, the obesity rate has more than doubled from 5% to 12.6% among children aged
2­5 years, almost tripled 6.5% to 17% among children aged 6­11, and more than tripled from 5% to 17.6% in…

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