Essay about Childhood Memories Of The United States

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The clear waters and sunny skies of Hawaii drifted out of sight as the plane back in route to New Jersey parted clouds during its ascent. When leaving an extraordinary location, it is typical for a melancholy feeling to arise, due to the realization that reality is eagerly awaiting our return. For many, leaving a beautiful island too soon or having their attendance at an international chemistry conference be cut short would bring these emotions. However, everything else seemed trivial upon learning that my mother was hospitalized for congestive heart failure.

I arrived at the all too familiar front entrance of the hospital. It was the same hospital my father was taken to when I was a five-year-old. That was the very first time I had any interaction with a health care professional, the doctors and nurses were a new and intriguing sight to me. Of course, at such a young age, I had little knowledge about the severity of the situation. Childhood memories of seeing an inserted IV catheter to turning the key on the cremation chamber made little sense until adolescence. However, even at such a young age, it was these initial interactions with the doctor that guided me towards a career in healthcare. During the following years, I returned to the hospital as a volunteer during my summer vacations; a joyful time spent engaging in conversation with patients and staff as I delivered their morning newspapers. This experience not only allowed me to gain experience but also gave me a real…

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