Childhood Immunizations And The Growing Disinterest Essay

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Childhood Immunizations and the Growing Disinterest to Get The
It is undeniable that the world’s population has grown immensely throughout the centuries, thriving one might even say, through the many decades of life threatening diseases that wiped out whole families, communities, villages and of people. But, thanks to vaccinations that were developed by world renowned scientist, devoted to research in which they achieved through science, the eradication of these serious childhood diseases we should have less to worry about, right. Of late that is not the case, many people are now opting out of vaccinating their children causing concern here in the United States and abroad. Childhood immunizations were developed for a reason, to ensure health and safety and to extend the livelihood of human life. Advocates for mandated vaccinations have come up against anti-vaccine advocate groups in recent decades claiming that the United States Government and the Medical field are pushing to many vaccinations. These groups mainly led by parents say vaccines have caused harm to otherwise healthy young children. Their full force agendas claim an ingredient in the Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) vaccination, called thimerosal is the culprit in causing, Autism. These claims have been vindicated and we discuss this issue further on in this paper. Childhood immunizations should be mandatory to ensure the health of children and safety of the general public by prohibiting exemptions that benefit…

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