Childhood Depression And Its Effects On America Essay

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Did you know people have died from nostalgia? In 1688 people were dying of homesickness. Doctors treated nostalgia like they were treating rheumatism. Everything changed in 19 centuries when the government acted to the current rampant outbreak of nostalgia and started encouraging people to be emotionally stronger. Nowadays, people see homesickness as not a big deal. Personally, I see homesick as nothing more than the pain of leaving home. I left my country four years ago, and I must admit it hasn’t been easier. Every day, small details like food keep giving me continuous reminder of home which sometimes makes me feel a little bit wistful. I believe there is nothing wrong with missing our native country, but we must be careful on not getting into a depression or anxiety. I tend to feel homesick by the absence of family, not having the choices to take classes in my own language and missing the food that I was used to.
One of the crucial characteristics that makes homesickness even harder to overcome is the absence of family, not being able to see your family can make your day dejected because we start wondering how would our life be if they were around us which can lead us to feel depressed. For example, being far away from my younger sister make me feel sad and guilty because I don’t have the opportunity to be physically with her in her moment of triumph and defeat. When my little sister made her first communion, which is an important step for an infant in a catholic church,…

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