Child Welfare Is Necessary Essay

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Child Welfare: A Necessary System
Imagine this. A young girl named Claire walks into a house. A man in a suit tells her that this is her new home. She has no idea where she is, she does not know this family, she does not know where her brother and sister are, and she does not understand why she was taken from her mother. Claire has been taken into foster care, because her mother is an alcoholic who has an abusive boyfriend. This is a story told from the perspective of those who are against the child welfare system. It does not look at the good that is achieved through this situation. Many people do not realize how wide spread child abuse is or how necessary the child welfare system is in the protection of children and their rights.
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The first being that it may be discovered that the report is not valid or that there is not enough evidence supporting it, in this case the case would be closed. However, often times the family is offered resources such as counseling and therapy to help improve the situation. Another occurrence may be in-home services and care. This is when there is evidence of maltreatment in some form, but it is not serious enough to remove the child. The child and family will then receive “in-home services and supports” which “may include parent education, safety planning, counseling, and more. Families may also be connected with community services that provide concrete help (e.g., housing, food) as well as services such as therapy, parent training, and support groups (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013).” If there is evidence of sever maltreatment and abuse the child will be placed in an out-of-home service or program which includes foster care in the home of a relative or non-relative or they could be place in a group home. The child receives an education, medical care, and any other services needed while in the home. The welfare system does not just work with the child, but also their family. They receive “services to support their efforts to reduce the risk of future maltreatment and to help them, in most cases, be reunited with their child. Visits between parents and their children and between siblings are encouraged and supported, following a set plan (Child Welfare Information Gateway,

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