Child Welfare : Children And Children Essay

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Every year up until this point, more than 700,000 innocent children are being abused or neglected, and approximately 1,600 died (Lyons, 2016). Child welfare, a government service that helps take care of children 's safety, has helped thousands of children from abusive family, however children aren’t completely safe yet. Even when children are placed in foster care, they still get abused or neglected by their foster parents (Lyons, 2016). Researchers stated that kids are more likely to do better when with their family because when they are removed from their home or family, they will have more of a chance to leave lifelong scars (Lyons, 2016). However, children who are under the age of one are abused the most(Lyons, 2016). They are babies, who can 't take care or stand up for themselves. They deserve a family that will love and take care of them. Child welfare agencies should do more to protect children who are being abused and neglected in order to improve the life of children who are helpless.
A large number of youngsters deal with abuse, neglect, and violence every day (child protection). So many children are being mistreated by their parents, and sometime even when they are placed in foster care, they still get abused by their foster family. Consistently, kids are being misused and some died. In 2014, more than 700,000 minors were being abused and neglected and approximately 1,600 passed away (Lyons, 2016). Children are people who can’t stand up for themselves.They need…

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