Essay on Child Marriage Is A Common Practice

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Child marriage is a common practice that remains prevalent in developing countries. Child marriage is defined as a formal or informal union before the age of 18. Usually the child is married by force. Child marriage is a traditional practice that has been in place for generations. It is a practice that should be abolished. Girls are forced to endure many devastating experiences that causes lifelong consequences that they have to live with. “Globally nearly one in three girls are married before the age of 18 and one in seven is married before the age of 15”(Svanemyr). The highest rates of early marriage was found in west and northern Africa.
There are many factors that influence the practice of child marriage. The biggest factor being poverty. Child marriage is prevalent in communities where poverty is widespread. These communities have high birth and death rates and minimal access to eduction and healthcare. Poor families do not have the resources needed to properly care for their children. Daughters are often seen as a burden. They are not valued as much as boys are. They are unable to feed and clothe them and also are unable to pay for their education. Marriage is a way of reducing the economic burden that families face. Giving a daughter away ensures parents that they have one less person to care for. In Nigeria, 80% of the poorest girls marry before the age of 18 compared to 22% of the richest girls (Mutyaba, para.5). In some communities, a “bride price”, which…

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