Advantages And Disadvantages Of Child Marriage

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Imagine you are a 13 year old girl, excited to finally become a teenager and do more grown–up things, like stay up until 11pm and watch PG13 movies with your friends. Now imagine you are a 13 year old girl waiting to find out who her new husband will be tomorrow. You have no say in who the male will be and where you will end up next. Every year, 15 million girls are married as children. They are denied the rights to proper health care, education, and are removed from childhood. Across the globe, each of these girls is sent away to live with a man with whom her parents find acceptable. This crime is primarily committed in India, where an estimated “47% of girls are married before their 18th birthday”, and is rarely prosecuted. While this rate …show more content…
India already is lower income country and to add the financial stress on the parents to care for their children is even more of a daily stressor. Those who are living in poverty can often not afford to support a child’s basic needs, nor give them the resources needed to seek an education and break free from poverty. Child marriage is seen as an outlet to give daughters an opportunity to receive their basic needs. However, often times children are married to those of a similar economic status and do not progress in any way. Child marriage forces girls to leave school and their childhood, sometimes as early as age 8, in order to reproduce and act as a wife or caregiver. Being ripped away from your childhood causes social skills to decline. For a young girl interacting with an older man on a daily basis, there will be some language barriers when trying to understand each other, that itself, can cause an uproar in the marriage and create violence. For those who find themselves forced into child marriage, they are faced with a lifetime of poverty. It becomes a never-ending cycle that continuously happens and ever rarely breaks. These children leave the education that would allow them to have the resources to provide for their families and move up economically, prolonging poverty in their families and areas. These girls give birth to impoverished …show more content…
They are a global partnership of more than 450 civil organizations from over 70 countries. Their main focus is child marriage in India. They are working to bring to the public’s attention just how prevalent child marriage really is and the dangers that are associated with it. Girls Not Brides have developed a “Theory of Change on Child Marriage”. They are out there in the world seeking to empower girls, to be able to inform them on the options they do have. They want each of those girls to receive proper education so when they are ready to marry, they will be able to make an educated and proper decision for themselves. By gaining the education they deserve, it will help shift the over done norm of marrying young. Girls Not Brides is committed to giving the girls the skills needed to make money on their own, such as quilt making and weaving. The members of GNB are also creating safe places for the girls to meet and share experiences, so they have somewhere they are able to feel comfortable and welcome with the support they desperately need. It becomes a place that is familiar and lets each of the girls know just how important and of value each of them really is. On a smaller scale, GNB is working in local communities to raise awareness about this issue to increase attention to government officials and officer

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