Theme Of Divorce In The Joy Luck Club

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Divorce in The Joy Luck Club Tradition, culture, family, and pride these words may have different meanings, however they are able to shape how an individual lives their lives. Throughout The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan we see what life was like for four, Chinese-American families across two generations. We are able to view how the mothers grew up in China, as well as their lives after they immigrate to the States, and how their daughters grew up in America. We also see how couples go about getting married and in some cases divorced, and how it was a different process in China then it was in the America. The mothers and daughters may disagree over different things; however, they always work it out in the end. Cultural differences can be easily …show more content…
The only way out of the commitment for a women was if one of them died, or if the husband’s family dishonored them. Lindo Jong is another mother who is on their second marriage. When she was young back in China she was part of an arranged marriage with Tyan-yu. The relationship was not a happy one from the start because Tyan-yu’s mother took control of the relationship. However, there was nothing that Lindo was able to do, she was forced by the culture to accept what was happening and not to talk back, or else she would bring dishonor to her family. Lindo was finally able to get out of her terrible marriage by playing on fear and superstition. The Chinese show great respect for their ancestors and to a degree worship them, So when Lindo claimed she had a vision from a former head of the house the family took notice. Through observation of her surroundings she gained information that helped her to escape her marriage in a way that wouldn’t dishonor her …show more content…
Some areas still go about setting up arranged marriages, whereas others like in the US allow their young to decide for themselves. Different cultures also have different views on divorce, in some parts of the world it is completely acceptable to get a divorce without black lash, however in others it isn’t culturally acceptable and you could be shunned by your community or worse. When Parents force their children to marry who they choose there isn’t a guarantee that the couple will be compatible. The choice needs to belong to the children not the parents, after all it will be the children who have to deal with an unhappy marriage not the

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