Child Development Reflection

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As the program ends, what pathways does your child appear to be on in terms of physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development? To what extent could you have predicted these pathways based on what you knew of your child 's earlier development? Describe some specific ways in which you think your parenting mattered for your child 's development, based on evidence from the course regarding the contributions of parents to child development.

Physically Ezequiel is a physically fit young man. He has grown quite a bit and has gained a decent amount of muscle. I attribute his fitness to his involvement in athletic activities that he enjoys. He is involved in baseball and other extracurricular activities at his school and he enjoys going
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He has been a popular child among his peers through out his whole childhood and adolescence. My partner and I have encouraged him to be social by allowing him to participate in clubs at school and spending time with his friends. Ezequiel like other adolescence began to seek more autonomy. My partner and I, of course, support and encourage him by allowing him to do things own. After he had gotten his license Ezequiel had a small auto collision and we mad him deal with the insurance and pay the necessary dues.
Ezequiel’s moral development seems to be on the right track of knowing what is right and what is wrong. On one occasion when he came home from a party smelling of marijuana, when I asked about it he looked me in the eyes and said, “I would never get high or take street drugs because I am an athlete and I wouldn’t want it to affect my health and my performance”. My partner and I were relieved but at the same time alert because we figured someday he would try marijuana. My partner and I were happy that Ezequiel used his moral judgment to determine that smoking marijuana was not in his best
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Neither my husband nor I have displayed interest in rock music for him to decide he wants to start a rock band. He and his friends have influenced each other over the years with not only music, but also with other things such as clothes, hairstyles, and attitudes. An example of how genes helped Ezequiel develop would be his size. My partner and I are tall people. In both of our families, the majority of people are tall. One random event that seemed to affect Ezequiel was when my partner lost his job. We were struggling a bit financially and my partner and I were having a rough patch in our marriage. Despite our best attempt to not argue or talk about our issue in front of him or Nayeli sometimes he would hear and it would affect his mood. He would be mope around the house and not talk to either one of us. We would give him his time but would eventually talk to him and explain to him that everything was ok between my partner and I. Overall I do not think many factors outside of our control. We were very involved in our son’s life and always tried to help in any shape or form we

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