Child Development And Maturation, Language And Cognitive Development, And Emotional And Moral Development

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Child Development
Children develop differently from one another. It is all based on how the parent raises their child. If a parent abuses their child they would have disorders when they grow up. Every child goes through stages in their life of cognitive development also, language development. Children also go through emotional and moral development, which could go wrong if a parent treats their child with no emotional love. Children that have no attachment with their parents tend to have an attachment disorder which can affect the child a lot. In this paper I will describe what happens through fetal, new born development and maturation, language and cognitive development, and emotional and moral development.
When a child goes through new born development, they start going through grasping reflex which means, children start to grasp on things on whatever they see. They get so amazed when they are born and want to touch everything they see. Newborns go through rooting reflex which means the baby automatically turn the face toward the stimulus and make rooting motions with the mouth when the cheek or lip is touched. The rooting reflex helps to ensure successful breastfeeding. During maturation, which is the time and stages of development, children go through stages according to the months they were born. During three months, the baby starts to lift their head, when they do this they want to be lifted up. Five to six months, the baby starts grasping on everything, which is the…

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