Child Cognitive Analysis

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There is no doubt that reading about the theories of child cognitive development made me highlight certain characteristics and principles to consider when dealing with children. It definitely helped me to enhance and focus on certain aspects while teaching them. I teach children of age ranging from three to six years old. At this age, in the school, the children like to play and explore everything around them, it seems like they are playing with everything. When they are washing their hands they play with the soap and the bubbles, they may eat the eraser or the glue to see what it tastes like, they chase and touch insects, play with the dirt or mud and they usually make a mess while exploring all that.

As a teacher I always try to protect
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Vygotsky considered social interactions to be very important for the children development. From my observation of my students when they work together most of them enjoy the learning process more and they become more confident and responsible. Also these cooperative activities will help in their cognitive development. Yet it is important to let them understand that there is always something that you are not competent in and needs help with and something that you are competent in and can help others with. This is so that children who are less competent won’t feel inferior. Also I should encourage students to use private speech as a way of self direction and self regulation as it will help the child facilitate their own cognitive process. Through this private speech the children will learn to support themselves in the same way they receive support from others to master a certain skill (McLeod, …show more content…
That’s why we need to use cooperative learning and peer teaching while creating a supportive environment in the classroom (Cherry, 2015). As they love to play I can use games as a way of teaching; For example I can use the play dough or the sandbox to let them write the new letters and so on. Also I need to use more hands-on activities and always use visual aids in order to teach them new

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