Child Caregiver Scenarios Essay example

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It is important to look at all avenues of child caregiver scenarios. A study done by Hy Huynh of Clemenson University peaks interest into the institution as the caregiver. Institutional care is an option to millions of children for which they are responsible for as the number of youth without a parental caregiver continues to increase in countries where resources are lacking (Huynh, 2014). Substandard care can hinder a child’s development creating developmental delays, attachment disorders, brain atrophy, aggressive behavior and emotional and physical health problems (Huynh, 2014). Yet it also has to be evaluated whether an institutional placement might be a more suitable option than a family member in some cases. An extensive study by Richard McKenzie found that institutional youth outperformed others from conventional caregivers in education, income, and life attitude (Huynh, 2014). Quality caregivers and close interactions with children can still be an obtainable goal in an institutional setting. If necessary, caregiver training can promote growth of attachment in their young wards. A nurturing staff can provide warmth, guidance, and foster development in a safe, albeit ideal environment.
In another example, a child developing characteristics of resiliency and adversity can be gathered from a study on homeless families in an emergency shelter situation. The study concluded that when parental behavior was responsive, a child may continue developing positively…

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