Essay on Child Care Center At A Preschool Observation

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On October 8, 2015, the student nurse went to DVC Child Care Center to perform preschool observation. The selected preschooler is a 4-year old Caucasian boy. The child could jump and run, climb the foot-tall podium, hold a pencil with his fingers, and draw a line. The student nurse observed the egocentric quality of the child and his initiatives. The student nurse would use these qualities to compare the child’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development to the standard development of a preschooler.
Physical Development
The refinement of motor skills is the milestone of a preschooler. According to Hockenberry (2015), a typical 4-year old “rides a tricycle, walks on tiptoe, balances on one foot for a few seconds… broad jumps…and skips and hops proficiently on one foot” (p. 523). The observed child could jump and climb a foot-tall podium easily without assistance. Also, in the playground, the child climbed the play structure very well. For running ability, the child ran fast encircling the play structure for a few minutes without stopping. Even though the observer did not see the child riding a bicycle, walking on tiptoe, and skipping and hopping on one foot, the child’s ability to ran fast and jump and climb the podium without assistance shows his normal development. The development of fine motor skills also manifested during preschool years. As was observed, the child could open his own bottled water without assistance. He held his pencil with his fingers instead of…

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