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Uri Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model of Dave Pelzer (A Child Called It)
Choronosystem (1 example)
Dave’s parent’s become more separate (pg. 61)
Macrosystem (3 examples)
Dave’s Mother was so happy to actually have a family…until she lost it (pg. 18)
Exosystem (5 examples)
Den mother did not notice Dave’s need for help (pg. 27)
Social Services:
Police Officer comes to meet with Dave (pg. 10-11)
Dave is taken into custody (pg. 13)
Education System:
School Nurse takes notes and looks at all of Dave’s cuts and bruises (pg. 8)
Teacher’s were told to pay not attention to Dave’s “lies” (pg. 33)
Mesosystem (2 examples)
Healthcare to Home:
School nurse takes notes but doesn’t confront Dave’s parents (pg. 9)
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This all occurs in the Mesosystem. An example of this system is demonstrated by the fact that Dave’s principal does not confront Dave’s mother about his concerns and Dave’s injuries anymore. In his memoir, Dave recalls a time that his principal did, in fact, confront Dave’s mother about Dave’s injuries, however after doing so, Dave went home and came back to school the next day with wounds and bruises that were even worse than the ones that the principal had originally called to confront Dave’s Mother about. Ever since then, Dave’s principal did not try to contact Dave’s mother about his increasing amount of injuries.
Last, but not least, is Bronfenbrenner’s section on the Microsystem, he works to involve the family, peers, school, workplace, church, and/or health services in the development and assessment of child abuse outside the home. For this, there are many examples within Dave’s memoir, such as, when Dave’s peers at school reject and ridicule him based on the way he dresses, looks, and smells, instead of sensing that something was terribly wrong. Of course, the children in Dave’s class were young, like him, and may not have fully understood Dave’s situation, however, a substitute teacher, one day, in one of Dave’s classrooms, joined the other children in the humiliation of Dave. She

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