A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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A Child Called “It” is an inspirational story that is written by Dave Pelzer. He gives the insight of his child hood and the struggle that he had to go through in order to live day by day. He talks about his family in an appropriate way that makes anyone understand the harassment that he was faced with as a very young child. Pelzer goes through many types of abuse that would have made any human break but he had the will power to stay strong and do what he needed to do to stay alive.

Pelzer is a strong soul that has gone through the ringer and back and still came out on top. His mother was the ideal house wife, loving mother and supportive wife that anyone could have ever wanted. She would put the effort into making herself look good every
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As time passed the mother had two more children that would keep a close look on Pelzer. Russell was the first born of the two other baby’s and he would became the mothers little eyes and would tell her what David had done and had not done. Russell had grown up seeing that David was not to be treated like a human but lower than a dog. Kevin, the last addition to the family, was not as bad as Russell only because he was a baby and hand not grown up as far as the readers are told but that baby gave David some hope or inner strength that he needed to keep pushing on. The Two older brothers that he grow up with where his friends at school but not at home. They learned that the best way to not get treated like “David” was not back talk mother. As, the boys grew up they lost David as a bother and gained him as mothers slave and they started to use him for their own amusement. For instance, when the mother would have David lay in the tub of cold water naked the boys would bring their friends over to have them look at what punishment he got or just to have them laugh at him. When the boys friends ask, “…what did he do to deserve this, they answer they didn’t know.” Even with the boys not knowing what he did wrong they did not do anything to help him in any way kind of way. The mother had the power in the …show more content…
When the whole thing begin he did not know that the mother was secretly hurting his son. When he did find out it caused a lot of arguments. He would try to convince the mother to feed David or have her stop harassing him but in the end all his attempts fail. The breaking point was where she made David through up the frozen hot dogs, which he had stolen from the cafeteria, in the toilet. She made him put the chunks in a bowl and eat them again, by doing this she was proving to the dad that David was still stealing and was not worth the his help. After, that point the farther had very little interaction with David, except the few moments that he would ask how he was doing or would try to help. However, that ended very fast for David because when he had gone to his dad for help when his mother has stabbed him, all his farther did was kept looking at the Newspaper and told him to go do the dish like mom ahead ordered him to do. Thing had kept building up until the farther could not take it anymore and left his family. He left to stay at a hotel and had left avid to face his mother all on his on with no more protection of any

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