Essay about Child Abuse Isn 't Anything New

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Child abuse isn’t anything new. It’s been in human history since the beginning of time. From selling children to forcing them to work as hard labor for money, people have always done it. But why hasn’t it stopped? Most people are not educated in it. Not in the senses that they don’t know what it is, but that they don’t know how to spot it or what to do when they find out about it. It’s something everyone knows about but nobody really talks about. It’s understandable, it’s a difficult subject. However, people need to know how to see it and what to do about it. There are three categories of abuse, and the signs both behaviorally and physically vary.
The first type of abuse is physical abuse. Physical abuse is when someone uses physical force against someone in a way that causes injuries or endangers that person. The most common types of injuries that are related to physical abuse are; bruises, burns, fractures, head injuries, and abdominal injuries (WebMD). With children falling down, playing with friends, and just being a child it can be hard to tell if the child is being abused or not. However there are specific signs you should look for if you think a child is being abused. Physical indicators are; unexplained bruises or welts in unusual patterns that suggest the use of an instrument such as a belt buckle or an electrical cord, unexplained burns such as cigarette burns or rope burns, or infected burns in the shape of household utensils or appliances. (Tennyson). Behavioral…

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