Child Abuse And Neglect Family Essay

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a. What specific social conditions, needs, or problems does your practicum agency address? What criteria or measures are used to document the seriousness of the problem or conditions?
The main focus of Family Focus is to address child abuse and neglect by providing home-based homemaker, casework, and therapy services to at risk families. These services include, but are not limited to parenting education, improving the safety and condition of the home, teaching life skills, administering assessments, assisting the family with building coping skills, and building communication skills in the family. Beyond addressing child abuse and neglect Family Focus addresses an array of additional social conditions, needs, and problems as staff works hand in hand with each family. The families that are served often times face multiple conditions, needs, and problems that intertwine with one another such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, mental health diagnosis, and substance abuse. A client that is unemployed will be assisted with searching for employment to allow the client to improve their ability to provide for their children. A client that does not have access to food will be connect with local food pantries to allow the client to provide for their family.
Family focus uses the North Carolina Family Assessment Scales (NCFAS) to document that seriousness of the problems or conditions that exists within each family that participates in services. The NCFAS is completed at the…

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