The Division Of Family And Children Services Essay

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The Division of Family and Children Services in America
Many recognize Division of Family and Child Services as the organization responsible for pulling crying children from the grasp of the weeping mother who is unfit to provide for the child’s needs. Many scorn DFCS for “tearing apart families,” or for the neglect of foster children. Public opinion seems to establish the Division of Family and Children Services as an enemy, a scapegoat for the mistreatment of children within the system, and the instability of foster care homes. This organization is trademarked by the unfortunate duties it is forced to perform, but should also be applauded for the successful placement of many children into stable and loving homes.
The Division of Family and Children Services is a federally-funded branch of the Department of Human Services that specializes in the investigation of child abuse, the personalized placement of neglected children in foster homes, and the assistance of families in need, especially those who operate on low income (“About Us”). Each state is responsible for the establishment and operation of its own division, and is closely regulated by the Department of Human Services. The Georgia Federal Regulation and Data Section of DFCS is responsible for analyzing data and properly reporting it, review the evaluations of programs and processes, and overseeing that accountability efforts are properly exercised (“Federal Regulation and Data”). Each state has the liberty to…

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