Jaycee Lee Dugard's Analysis

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Child abduction is one of the biggest fears parents have. Every forty seconds, in the United States, a child is abducted. “Only about one child out of each 10,000 missing children reported to the local police is found alive”(Bilich). Jaycee Lee Dugard was one of the many children who has been abducted. Jaycee’s story shows how someone can live in such terrible conditions for so long and still manage to survive. She was just eleven years old when she was abducted. She was forced to lived with her abductor for eighteen years before escaping. In order to understand Jaycee Dugard’s challenging journey you need to know about her life before being kidnapped, what her life was like with Phillip Garrido, how she escaped, and what her life was like …show more content…
Jaycee remembers gaining weight but she didn’t understand why. On a sunday in 1994, when she was only 14, Phillip and Nancy explained to her that she was pregnant. She was terrified and didn't know how she could possibly have a child. In an interview with Jaycee, Hopper states. “She began watching videos about giving birth and worried because she knew there would be no doctor, just her kidnappers to help her. She writes in her book that giving birth was the most painful experience in her life.” Jaycee felt less lonely when she was pregnant, should would sing and talk to the baby in her stomach. On August 17, 1994 around five p.m. Jaycee started having sharp pains in her stomach, she thought nothing of it until Nancy came to check on her. Nancy told her she was going into labor and the baby was going to come soon. Jaycee was extremely nervous and remembered philip telling her it would be okay because they had watched lots of videos on how to give birth. Many hours passed before Jaycee finally gave birth. In her book A Stolen Life Jaycee Dugard recalls, “ My baby girl came into the world at 4:35 a.m., August 18, 1994.”(Dugard 109) Three years later Jaycee gave birth to another little girl. Having two children changed her life. Philip named both of the babies. The first child, Angel, and the second child, Starlit. After Jaycee gave birth to the second child, Philip was taking less drugs and was being less abusive towards Jaycee. Philip wanted everyone to act like a big happy family. Jaycee was told to call Nancy Mom, and Philip Dad. The two young girls were told that Jaycee was their sister. “As the girls grew older, Dugard said she planted a flower in front of the shed and set up a little school to teach them as much as she could with only her fifth-grade education.”(Jaycee Dugard on Reclaiming her life) As the baby girl's got older philip wanted them to be homeschooled. They didn’t have

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