Child Abduction Has Taken Place At Nightingale Community Hospital

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1. Child abduction has taken place at Nightingale Community Hospital. There were no standard communication procedures established between staff. Safety of the patients’ care is the identified issue, in reference to the lack of communication. The hospital staff is accountable for all patients assigned. The staff responsible for the patient should be on alert about possible issues that may occur relating to that particular patient. For example, if a nurse is taking care of a dementia patient that is a risk for elopement there should be procedures in place to prevent issues. The hospital needs to have procedures in place for checks and balances for each possible safety problems that may arise. The risk management will have to create written procedures for check off between staff. Tina’s mother instructed pre-op nurse to call her in the event that surgery was out sooner than expected. The pre-op nurse should have passed information to intraoperative nurse to call Tina’s mother. According to the sentinel event, it seems like the post-op nurse wasn’t aware that Tina had left. Even if she did discharge Tina to her father’s care, she didn’t follow proper procedure for discharging a minor patient. The post-op nurse should have documented who patient was discharged to and how Tina was transported out of the hospital.
2. The pre-op nurse didn’t communicate with the intraoperative nurse, and the report should have been passed along to post-op nurse. Tina’s mother should…

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