Essay Chief Legal Officer Of Aspen Dental

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Operation: Strategic Growth

Mark Weisberger, Chief Legal Officer of Aspen Dental, draws upon over 2 decade’s worth of experience in providing in-house counsel to rapidly expanding organizations. Today, he works strategically to improve Aspen Dental’s growth while maintaining legal compliance within the multi-state organization.

Growth is a sign of a healthy business by anyone’s standard. Aspen Dental, a manager of dental services, supporting offices in 33 states, has enjoyed an impressive amount of growth with the last few years. Clocking in 3.4 million patient visits with 750,000 new patients added in 2014, Aspen Dental shows no signs of slowing down. With the success of their growing operation, the organization realized they needed a tactical leader for their in-house legal counsel with extensive knowledge in operation expansion. Joining Aspen Dental in 2012, Mark Weisberger made it his personal mission to further growth within the company. “My primary goal was 60-70 offices each year,” explained Weisberger. Considering that Aspen Dental was opening approximately 30-40 offices each year, this goal proved to be exceptional. Able to rely on his development experience from the restaurant industry, Mark began to put a plan in place to meet those objectives.

Providing support on all fronts

Perhaps the most telling of Weisberger’s success at Aspen Dental is the supportive approach he takes with his organization. As chief legal officer, Weisberger’s role requires him to…

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