Essay about Chicago 's South Side Of Chicago

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Chicago’s South Side has changed quite a bit since the 1950’s. People are not living in tiny apartments where you have to share bathrooms with people on your floor. The South Side is still mostly blacks and the northern and western sides of Chicago are mostly white. South side neighborhoods did not seem to be like in the 1950’s mostly because of the housing size, but today people on the south side are not sharing one bathroom with other people on their floor in the apartment buildings. In the 1950’s blacks were disliked by the whites so much that blacks and whites could both be doing something wrong but only the black person will have to pay the consequences. Today Blacks and whites can live in the same neighborhood without much of a problem. Today’s South Side of Chicago is much different from the south side in the 1950’s, blacks are not the only ones getting tickets for doing something wrong when both black and white committed the same offence, blacks are not discouraged to live in other parts of Chicago; and blacks are not living in cramped apartments sharing one bathroom with many people.
Who Was More Likely to get Tickets or Arrested? In the movie, “A Raisin in the Sun” we see a white man 's car and a black man 's car parked in the same area, the police tells Walter, with the white man 's car, to just move the car. Bobo on the other hand gets a ticket for having his car in the same area because he is black. During this time this was normal, the blacks were targeted to…

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