Raisin In The Sun Theme

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry that debuted March 11, 1959. The play is written about a family that is living in Chicago in the midst of predudism and are barely holding on. From start to finish we see the characters change not by choice but because they realized they had to. The genre of the play is definitely a tragedy that ends with a turn of events to create a happy ending. The tone of the play is not consistent for the most part. As for the cultural context the characters social, economic, and political status matter immensely in the way that the family lives. The protagonist in A Raisin in the Sun is Mama and Ruth, but Walter is an antagonist who becomes the protagonist of the play. Mama is the plays main …show more content…
This could be happening for many reasons possibly because Walter is becoming obsessed with trying to be the main supporter of the house or even the fact that Ruth has a secret of her own. While going through hard times in her marriage and financially, Ruth is seen as extremely unselfish when she realizes she is pregnant with her second child. While most would be excited especially in these times when big families were on the rage, because of money problems, Ruth considers an abortion. In these times abortion was not only frowned upon, but illegal and extremely dangerous for the women. Although Ruth would be more than happy to have another baby she realizes her family wouldn 't be able to pay for the child. As the play comes to an end, Ruth begins to see the love in her marriage begin to grow once again and she sees her once separated family coming back together. With these key elements of happiness and hope in the Younger family such as moving into their new house, Ruth decides to keep her baby. Though she realizes that financially it will still be hard she knows that if her family can stick together through the tough times that they did, that they can do this as …show more content…
To do this he believes he must make the greatest amount of income in the entire household. Walters mind is set on using his fathers insurance money to open up a liquor store. His family tells him it is a bad idea, but Walter doesn 't budge on the idea. From the start of the play Walter makes it extremely hard for the audience to like him. In the first act, we see how mean he is as well as childish, when he picks fights with his younger sister. As the play continues our dislike of Walter Younger continues to grow. Mama decides to give Walter partial of his fathers insurance check to quite him about wanting to be the man of the house, but what he did with it made the audience loose all respect for Walter. Mama tells Walter he can have a portion of the money, but to be sure to give his sister the other portion so she can have money for her schooling, instead Walter decided to give his apparent business partner, Willy Harris, all of the money. Sadly, Walter was played and Willy takes all of the money and runs. With his pride in the dirt Walter must tell his family about what has happened. Walters worst fears came to life, after telling his family of the upsetting news all of their doubts about his terrible decisions have come true, but the bad news doesn 't stop

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