Chemistry Lab Report On Academic Writing Essay

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From chemistry lab reports to an English essay, academic writing is a big role in the educational system. Academic writing is difficult to actually define, however the broad idea of it is about carrying a conversation forward. Academic writing is mostly preformed in essays, research papers, academic journal, etc. Some characteristics of this writing includes planning and outlining. A proper outline is crucial for academic writing. Not only will outlining help the writer formulate thoughts, but also show the reader certain relationships between topics. Furthermore, academic writing also involves proper tone, meaning that there is no slang words, abbreviations, or too many clichés. This leads to the language of academic writing where the paper requires clear and well-chosen diction. In addition, point-of-view is written mostly in the third person since the essay would be to focus on educating on the fact and less on an opinion. However, academic writing cannot exist without its foundation which includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction must grab the reader’s attention and identify the thesis in the paper. The body, of course, is the main part of the paper including well written, arranged in logical or importance paragraphs. Each sentence needs to flow and refer back to the main topic of the paper. Lastly, the conclusion where the writer restates the thesis and summarizes all the important points. What is Script Writing? Script writing is…

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