Chemical Warfare Agents Were First Introduced During The World Wars

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It’s interesting to see the progression of weapons from the early beginnings to now. Most people believe that chemical warfare agents were first introduced during the World Wars. Interestingly enough, the concepts of these agents were developed as early as 600 B.C. They weren’t known as chemical warfare agents however; the techniques that were used mimic the action of these agents that are being used today. During the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, the Spartan army used a mixture of chemicals in what they called the “Greek fire.” It was found to be that the “Greek Fire” was actually a mixture of sulfur, resin, pitches, naphtha, lime and saltpeter (Grey, 2006). In the early stages of World War I was when we first saw the use of chemical agents being utilized as a weapon. These agents increased the amounts of casualties dramatically. Mainly used during war against the rival army, now these agents are being used by terrorist groups and others as weapons against civilians (Ganesan, Raza, & Vijayaraghavan, 2010). This is where the fear occurs because it is still a fairly new method to use and so there are many things that we aren 't clear about yet. According to the official definition, a chemical weapon is usually a chemical agent packaged in a portable device intended for the use of causing harm to a large or small group of people (Ganesan, Raza, & Vijayaraghavan, 2010). They are used due to their chemical abilities to cause physical and mental…

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