Chemical Engineers Solve Problems Essay

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Chemical engineers solve problems that include chemicals, drugs, oil and much more, applying the main principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and all of mathematics to aid them. These engineers also design new developments as well as equipment for comprehensive manufacturing. They tend to do a great deal of supervising production. Envision using all of the things you learned in your science classes and applying them to find new state-of-the-art and resourceful ways to make production of goods better. There are various job opportunities in this field. For example, “As a chemical engineer, you might be involved in cutting-edge research at a pharmaceutical company, discovering how to extend the shelf life of antibiotics, or you might be part of a creative team at a food manufacturing company, dreaming up a delicious new candy bar.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014) There are many responsibilities you may encounter going down this career path. You may need to develop new safety procedures for those that interact with the use of chemicals. Create new processes to separate both liquid and gas components. Furthermore, it may be a responsibility of yours to do many tests as well as monitor performance of progressions during production.
From an early age I have always been the one to succeed in the subjects Math and Science. These two subjects helped me narrow down what I wanted to do with my life in the future. After months of research I decided I wanted to stick with what I…

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