Charmion Browne Massacre Summary

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In Charmion Browne’s youth her family was hopping from shelter to shelter in New York City. They had moved throughout multiple shelters throughout the years and were fortunate enough to not have to live on the streets from the shelters overcrowding. Several children that had been affected by the overcrowding had been sent to a jail in the Bronx that was no longer in use because there had been nowhere else for them to live. Browne’s family had lived in a house, shelters and an unused jail all in the matter of years. For the homeless youths in school having to write down their home address was somewhat discouraging. Having to write down the address of a place they lived but that did not deserve the name of home. Only when Browne had gotten to high school had she admitted to herself that her family was homeless. Browne and her brother, not being able to bring friends to their house and not letting someone know they lived in a shelter, learned …show more content…
It started with the financial struggles of being a single mother that’s raising two kids. They had lived in an apartment but after finding an infestation had to unfortunately make the move to a shelter. At the department of homeless services the family had to wait over five hours to just get the chance to speak to someone about the situation at hand. Then they had been taken to a shelter in Manhattan that they lived in for up to two months. The shelter they were living in made each person very vulnerable to everyone. Living quarters were cramped with about one-hundred people per floor using only one shower and bathroom area. There had been an extreme lack in privacy that the Browne’s quickly had to adjust to. Waking up hours before the hundreds of other people in the shelter in order to just get a meal and not leave hungry was necessary. Much like a prison there was no respect for one’s belongings and if not careful the little possessions they did manage to own would be

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