Charlie Kaufman's Oeuvre Analysis

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Kaufman’s Ouervre
Charlie Kaufman’s oeuvre consists of films that play with style, reality, and filmic structure to discuss deep issues of humanity.
A Kaufman script has a few idiosyncrasies of style and structure that make it very clear who the writer is. What is most notable about Kaufman’s style is his ability to take the ordinary and make it otherworldly. He presents us with normal people, most often an everyday guy, and then puts them into situations of science fiction, fantasy, multi-dimensionality that are wildly different from the average life Kaufman first portrayed. The stories he weaves create a stasis that is so normal and menial it hurts, but the inciting incident never just disrupts the world of the film, it blows it open expanding
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The floundering of the character Charlie Kaufman is only interesting, because the audience knows the actual Charlie Kaufman at one point was stuck on how to write a film only to finally come to a conclusion. He must have, because the film is finished, it is being watched, it must have an ending. Another layer to the world is added through the narrative from the book that character Charlie is trying to make into an adaptation. Again, this narrative is not exactly a frame, because while the story may at first seem disconnected from the ‘real world’ it is the autobiographical account of the writer who Charlie’s character starts to obsess over. This film is a lot lighter on the unrequited love, but the amount of one-sided interest that Charlie feels is almost comically attached to everyone and everything, which is probably just screenwriter Charlie Kaufman expressing his own search for self-worth through other people, but I …show more content…
Back in August 2016, Kaufman stated that after writing the first draft adaptation for the YA dystopian novel The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness he is no longer involved with that project Chaos Walking ( He also stated his doubt that the project would ever happen. In late May, however, a Deadline article reported that Kaufman was co-writing with author Patrick Ness and John Lee Hancock ( While IMBD has Kaufman accredited with writing the screen play it also has the estimated release date of 2019 and some big names attached to the project

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