Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks: The Auteur Theory

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The Auteur Theory, is the idea that the true author of a film is the director. The director leaves an implicit remark on the film and because of this cinematic, literary, or thematic signature, they are credited as the author of the film. While there are numerous people involved in the production of a film, with some directors it is truly prominent who can be described as the author of the film. Mel Brooks, renown comical director and screenwriter is one instance of the undeniability of the Auteur Theory. Despite Mel Brook’s complete involvement in his films, writing, co-writing, directing, and even starring in many of his films, the cinematic and thematic consistencies in his works truly represent his authority and creative signature on …show more content…
In Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks's challenges the issue of racism, this is shown right in the beginning of the film. Set in the Wild West, a former black railroad worker finds himself in the position of Sheriff in a small town after a turn of luck. In this town named Rock Ridge, he is faced with discrimination and hatred from the citizens, though there is always a comical response to this serious problem. This is reminiscent of many Mel Brook’s films. Continuing throughout the film, Bart, the Sheriff slowly earns the closed respect of the town as he tries to stop the railroad company he formerly worked for from razing Rock Ridge. This thematic element of satire in the face of discrimination or otherwise is one critical motif in most Mel Brook’s films. Additionally, characters in Brooks films are rarely ever alone. Whilst there is technically a protagonist, they likely have a companion, in Blazing Saddles, Bart’s companion is a jailed drunk by the name of Jim. Both these characters are not without their struggles that once again, are shown in a somewhat comedic matter. Lastly for the literary motifs of Mel Brooks, the comedy and how the characters are portrayed especially in Blazing Saddles can be describes as quirky or unorthodox, for example, the juxtaposition of stolid cowboys jumping around and singing “Camptown

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