Charles Scissorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, And Alice 's Wonderland

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It is often said that one person 's craziness is another person 's reality. Everyone 's perception of the world is distorted based on the environments they have been in. An individual 's reality could seem like a delusion or nightmare to another person, and vice versa. These realities can mean a life of sorrow and loneliness or one of optimism. Director Tim Burton portrays the idea that happiness is determined by an outlook, not a situation, in his films Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland. This belief is developed through style characteristics such as a protagonists who use their disabilities to help others and a misfit whose physical and mental state is the opposition of their setting.
Throughout his films, Burton reveals the joy given off as the protagonists use their adversities to benefit others. Towards the end of Edward Scissorhands, Edward is found in the backyard creating an angel ice sculpture. As he hacks away at the block, flakes of ice float down, much like snow. Kim twirls in this “winter wonderland,” smiling ear to ear. Soft, heavenly music plays, and the bright front lighting on her face unfolds her almost childlike delight. Much like how the rest of the community viewed Edward when he first arrived, Kim starts to notice his integrity in this scene. Despite the fact that all Edward 's actions lately were rotten and hostile, Kim still cares deeply for him, and sees how big his heart really is. Her love for him…

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