Charles Manson Case Study Essay

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Charles Manson is known as a "charismatic cult leader, a living Jesus, a guru possessing mystical powers..." To his followers at least. To the public he was known as a sadistic serial killer and cult leader. His deviant nature began at such a young age due to the life he was born in to. His mother was a prostitute and alcoholic that did not care too much for Charles. That lead him to commit crimes starting at such a young age leaving authorities no choice other than putting him into juvenile centers to live most of his childhood and early teenage years. After he was out he met women who he had children with and married but all three of those marriages failed to last due to Manson not being able to stay out of jail. Later in his life he became the leader of the notorious Manson family to which he had a great amount of manipulated members. He manipulated his followers to murder a great amount of high class California citizens in a short amount of days. Resulting in the capture and imprisonment of Manson along with his followers.

Case Study: Charles Manson
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His mother, Kathleen Maddox gave birth to Charles when she was only 16 years old. She was an alcoholic and a prostitute that had no idea how to raise a child at that age, nor did she even want one. Every chance she had to get rid of him, she did. She once sold him to a waitress for a pitcher of beer, but an uncle later got him back. When Manson was only nine years old, he committed his first crime, a burglary at a grocery store, and continued making that same offence until he was arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center located in Indianapolis. From then on he was sent to several states to attend government provided schools, which he

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