Charles Darwin 's Evolution Of Humanity Essay example

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Human beings have always been curious as to what and who they are. Both divisions have received far-reaching investigation and inquiry into their dimensions and inner workings. The “what” of humanity, for example, is denoted and defined in many scientific studies and theorizations that are based on evolution and religion. Charles Darwin is credited for his evolution theory that explains the origin of humanity. On the other hand, creation stories evident in many Christian dialects have always held the view that a supernatural being is responsible for our existence as human beings. However, while the “what” of humanity has been significantly answered, the “who” of humanity, in this case who we are as human beings, has been given far less attention, with most studies offering a phenomenological approach as opposed to an all-rounded biological, phenomenological, and philosophical approach. The most logical riposte to this deficiency is perhaps the fact that the answer is not general as in the case of “what”, rather, it is more specific because it touches on the individuality of human beings. This paper will discuss critically the “who” of humanity in relation to the concept of “self”, and will also offer a concise analysis into who I am.
Defining the Concept of “Self”
Dale Carnegie, in his groundbreaking book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, states that in general, most people want a total of eight things: health and the preservation of life, money and all the things…

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