What Is Humanity Essay

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Views on Humanity
Over time, the definition of the term “human” has been an on-going paradox. Many scientist have studied on the topic of humanity and what truly defines a human being. As of now there are no fully established facts on either side. In order to identify a “ human” one has to determine the functions of the mind, which creates unique living styles, and broadens questioning of what is humanity. Research has come up with three basic arguments to identify a human based off of the workings of their mind. For example, scientist reinforce this argument by stating that humans have abstract thoughts, religion, moral judgment and have the advantage of creation. “No other species of animal, including the apes, are able to create and understand
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Humans do have a primarily dominant living style. Meaning, like any other species, humans use their resources to create a living of their own. Unlike other species humans as discussed before, “ live more dramatically”. With new improvements comes more change around it. “Producing our own food, rather than tracking it down daily, has feed us to enrich our lives in many ways to become artists, inventors, scientist, politicians, and more (Humans Change the World). Humans have evolved a lot since time has changed, with their actions, they have altered the world to better fit their living style. As stated, “ We have altered the world in ways that benefit us greatly. [However,] this transformation has unintended consequences for other species as well as for ourselves, creating new survival challenges” (Humans Change the World). Even though every species has their own living style humans stand out, as well as slightly over power the areas around …show more content…
“When we think of human development, we usually think of the growth of a fetus or the maturation of a child into an adult” (Bainbridge). It is true humans live and grow (in a way) differently, but like any other species we live on a limit. The human species isn’t as different as they enjoy believing because before any technology and the new improvements this species was basically just like any other animal. They fought to survive hunting and gathering what they needed for their pack. Living in dirt and open land with only their survival skills and little knowledge. Obviously, that has changed recently but everything does evolve and grow in different ways and different paces of

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