Why Study Geography Essay

Kyndra Bolden What is Geography, and why do we Study it? Mrs. Bezy, Geography Honors, 8th pr. 8-13-17

When I think of the word geography, images of land comes to my mind. I understand that geography is land, but there is also much more to it than that. Geography is the mix of natural and social sciences. Geography also is apart of our everyday lives.
There are two different types of location that we use. Absolute location tells us what it is in the name- an exact location of something. For example, the US capitol is located on 38° 53′ 35″ N, 77° 00′ 32″ W (in latitude and longitude). With absolute location you use longitude and
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This contains three different aspects, dependency, modification, and adaptation. All humans interact with the environment around them everyday. The human species, somewhat like animals and plants, have adapted to their environment over time. The dependency is shown through nature, because humans depend on nature to survive. Trees, plants, crops, everything. We have to have nature to be able to breathe. Crops give us food and feed some animals. Back in olden times, humans depended on crops and animals to survive, there was no other way to eat. Today we are still dependant on certain animals, like honey bees, to pollinate flowers and get our honey. We are also dependant on the rain. Without rain, our crops would die, lakes would dry out, we would have droughts, and we would eventually be in a lot of danger from the lack of it. Humans adapt to their environments each and every day, and in some ways we may not even realize that we are. When it is really cold or snowing outside, we dress accordingly with coats, boots, and gloves. When it is hot and humid outside, we might wear a tank top, flip flops, and shorts. Modification is something we use everyday as well. When it is hot and during the spring or summer, we turn on the air conditioner. When it is the fall and winter time, we turn on heat. Humans also tamed livestock to fit their needs over time. There are positive and negative outcomes from human

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