Character Analysis: A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini

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Has anything from your past ever come back to haunt your daily life? Well in the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns the author Khaled Hosseini depicts many characters who are impacted from their past and that it takes a toll on how they cope with certain situations and why they do certain things. Some of the characters that have been shaped from their past are Laila, Nana, and Mariam. A character that was shaped by the education and liberal beliefs instilled in her from her parents is Laila. An example of her beliefs affecting her reactions to her husband’s abuse is when Laila told Rasheed she wouldn’t take the baby outside just because he didn’t want to hear her cry(236-237). Laila stood up to her abusive husband because in her household she …show more content…
Mariam went without love for so long that she doesn’t feel worthy of it when her sister wife, Laila, has a baby that loves and adores Mariam (252). Mariam didn’t feel worth of the baby’s love because she had never experienced true love, she had either dealt with her mother verbally abusing her or Jalil lying and breaking promises (3 & 27-30). Mariam had never been taught to stand up for herself and she was always told by her mother that she was less than and something that can be thrown out (8). So, when Rasheed abused Mariam, she never stood up to him or fought back she just took the abuse without trying to help herself (104). Mariam experienced much abuse over the years and had turned complacent because she didn’t think she was good enough to Rasheed and thought it was her who did something wrong. Eventually Mariam stood up for herself and Laila and when Rasheed was strangling Laila, Mariam struck him on the head with a shovel and then struck him again to kill him (349). Mariam did this because she had taken so much abuse by this man and she finally worked up the courage to fight back and save Laila (104). Mariam finally realised she had done nothing to deserve the things he did to her and she was strong. Mariam is a character that has taken many beatings and emotional deficits, but is so

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