Characterization Of George Miller 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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When it comes to writing good fiction, the most important factor is characterization. Characterization, compared to developing a plot, is much more difficult for authors. Humans, in nature, are complex creatures.(Characterization) Writers must come up with characters that are unique, but at the same time convincing. If a character is not convincing, the reader will become bored and the story will fail. A convincing character is the readers connection to the story, without one the reader will not become invested. To develop a convincing character a writer must consider three principles. First, characters must be consistent in their behavior. Second, a character’s actions must stem from their motivations. Lastly, characters must be lifelike.(Characterization) A prime example of an author showcasing these three principles is Graham Greene with his character Blackie in “The Destructors.” For a character to be convincing to the reader, they must be consistent in their behavior throughout the entirety of the story. They cannot behave a certain way in one situation and then a different way during another situation.(Characterization) If the main character solves a problem peacefully, he cannot later in the story use violence to solve another one. It has to make sense, there must be a sense of unity in the story when it comes to this. If there is a change in behavior, there must be a clear reason for it, otherwise it negates the story’s plot. Without consistent behavior in a…

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