Characters In Washington Irvine's Short Story

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Washington Irvine is a very well-known descriptive author when it comes to short exaggerated tales. His stories appeal to a broad range of audience relying on the main common factors of bringing his stories in the tone of the past with a detailed form of intriguing excitement to keep the reader hooked all throughout the sequential event alignment set on his mythological tales. Characters are found to be exaggerated in terms of the mythology genre he is representing with interesting story lines behind them, while yet portraying a positive significant meaning to the audience that is unraveled through their way of analyzation. Now, why would Irvine’s plot setting characteristics play a factor of appeal in his originated short story RIP Van Winkle? …show more content…
When writers openly express themselves factors of characteristics opens a pathway of significance in order for the readers to understand and place focus to their art of writing. In this case Irvine pushed towards an excellent impact on the reader based off his descriptive criteria. He provided a sense of background, justification, symbolic meaning all set in a humorous tone in which aligns to the main objective of mythology that readers mainly search for in that base structure. It allow the reader to explore more in depth and learn lessons on how one can be cherished based on their attributions of life as a person that through every event or thing we set forth brings a mark unto another. The story “RIP Van Winkle’’ really captured the tone of appeal and thought of understanding bringing a good judgment towards his work of literature and expression, while having all the traits combined into one that one as an audience seeks for when opening a new short tale in the mythological genre. In conclusion, the details we place on our work brings forth a quality experience someone would use to shape out in their life based off what they’ve

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