Characteristics Of Prophet Muhammad

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Register to read the introduction… His trustworthiness, honesty and people-oriented manners were the reasons people respected and committed to him even the Non-Muslims.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) became the dominance through influential on his people through above characteristics. Indeed, his degree of agreeableness was high - an important quality for an effective leadership to attain since followers demands close relationship with their leader whom is warm and approachable and a leader that listens for advice and forgive for mistakes.
For instance, during the battle of Uhud, with the Muslims against the Meccan’s, the Prophet
Muhammad (pb) tuhold its archers not to leave its allocated position until he commended.
However, the archers left thinking they have won the battle by heading to Meccan camp to seize the goods but, it was an ambush and Muslims lost their only battle under the commandment of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Those who survived the battle lost their face for they disobeyed their leader but when they came back, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) forgave them saying that you have rejoined me
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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) exerts high level of conscientiousness as he was very achievement orientated and was very focused and stable.
This is the reason he was able to overcome the odds in the battle he faced when Muslims were outnumbered almost all the time during the attack. His rulership was based on
Godliness and the sovereignty of the nation was rested on God.
Under his leadership, all the rules and laws were applicable to everyone including him-self.
The rules and laws were conducted ethically in which everyone is under the same jurisdiction. Uniform standard of justice and dealing fairly was made irrespective of Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh) own blood relations were involved. For instance, a young woman from respective family committed the theft crime and she was brought under the trail to

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