Characteristics Of Music Producers

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“Music Producer”

“Producers generally start out as engineers, arrangers, studio musicians, artist or professional managers, and get their training on-the-job. Sometimes producers will use their own money, the record company’s money, the artist’s money, or an investor’s money to produce an album.” A producer must know both the music business and creative sides, be willing to take chances, have an understanding and love for music, and have a feeling for what is commercial. He/she must know how to deal with contracts, publishers, lawyers, musicians, songwriters, singers, how to budget a record date, and many other things. (Gerardi 94). They work closely with recording artists and audio recording artists and audio recording engineers to make
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It is not required to have a certification or licensing, but recommended. Music producers advance as they produce projects that are very successful. Must be to the satisfaction of record label and musicians, if not commercially. Some might move up into marketing, sales, advertising, publicity and public relations, and promotion. Independent-label bands choose to produce themselves, the know-how and experience of a successful producer is a standard for major-label productions. Skills of the music producer are still continuing to be seeked by record labels. Independent producers that are their own boss may get put under contract with record companies, if they are very good. They may see a brighter future as an independent producer with record companies. A producer who produce profit-making hits will be in demand and get the choosing of the projects produce. A multimedia improvement to the audio CD, called CD Plus, will soon be common in most major label release-adding another setback to the music recording industry. (“Music Producers” 628-632). The record companies came up with the idea the artist should hire the producer. That shifted both the financial and paperwork burden to the artist. It became common to have four or more producers per album, they realized that was messing up their system. (Passman 120). There is no limit to where a …show more content…
Many benefits packages that vary though businesses. If employed by a recording company can expect paid vacation and other benefits like health insurance, life and disability insurance, dental and eye care, and a pension plan. Their salary can increase by a yearly bonus or if the company done well that year. (“Music Producers” 632). There are many different cost for everything. A star range is $50,000-$200,000. A rock and roll group cost is $75,000-$100,000 to produce. The promotion is more than $100,000. This doesn’t include manufacturing and graphics cost. A band wanting in the Top 20 will cost $30,000-$40,000 for a clip. An artist will cost $65,000-$80,000. A superstar will cost over $100,000 for clips. Though we still use the 7”, 45 rpm, today’s record business is album oriented. Which means they have to come out with 10 or 12 sides. The competition today each cut has to be a gem, meaning 10 or 12 arrangements, more mixing and studio time, tape and musicians. (Gerardi 94-95). Music producing is very competitive. The recording industry is a continual state flux. New music, new markets, new technology, and new ways of doing business are always redefining the way how music producers perform their jobs. Computer technology is simplifying the mixing and recording process while opening new views for creativity. (“Music Producers 632”). The artist are the ones who pay the producers. They are responsible for the royalties, no

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