Essay about Characteristics Of Being A Leader

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When I wake up in the morning, I don’t automatically think I’m a born leader. No one gets out of bed thinking that they will randomly lead a group and be the best leader. Like everything else in life, we slowly learn. We have to experience it ourselves in order to become better leaders. Maybe one day I’m given the task of leading a group. Honestly, I will work with my group and see if we would get a task done. No one said I would be a good leader. I am willing to try, though. Like Erika Andersen said in a Forbes article, a leader must have three characteristics: Become a fair witness, invite feedback, and listen (Andersen).
It’s difficult to have these three important characteristics of being a leader - to be a fair witness, invite feedback, and listen. It’s so important to have these three characteristics because you have to be self-aware. You have to consider everyone in your group, and I mean everyone. It’s never about the leader. In most situations, the leader is always saved for last in everything. In the Forbes article, it summarizes how these three characteristics connect to one another in order so you can be a better leader. To be a fair witness, you have to be a third party. You cannot be emotionally attached or be biased to something/someone. Also, by letting yourself invite feedback, you could listen to someone’s criticism and try to improve your flaws of being a leader. Inviting feedback goes with listening because you are willing to listen to someone’s criticism…

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