Characteristics Of Arthurian Legends

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What determines a legendary character? Why are they so special? Why are they still talked about to this day? These are the many questions people ask when reading about Arthurian legends in literature. There are many legendary characters that stand out throughout Great Britain 's history; however, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percivale, and Sir Gawain show what it truly means to be a noble knight. All of the legendary characters have different legends and characteristics that stand for something that has a purpose or reason to why classes still find them important to learn about to this day. To start with, the notable King Arthur was by far the most influential legendary character of all time. He had many knights that were underneath …show more content…
King Arthur, but also Merlin chose them. Merlin had a big hand in making decisions with King Arthur. Arthur trusted Merlin very much and valued his opinion. The knight chosen looked at King Arthur as a celebrity. Their job was to protect their king and follow his orders. They worshiped the ground his walked on. King Arthur felt very blessed to have such a great group of knights serving beneath him. They were all very important to him in different ways. Sir Lancelot was strong, yet wise. Sir Gawain was trustworthy and heartfelt. Sir Percivale was young, but loyal. He had so many with different qualities, but he loved them all dearly. All of his knights took of different tasks, but they all had immense amounts of bravery and integrity. Basically, King Arthur controlled everything and everyone around him, but he did it with such grace. He is the land and the land is him. If he flourishes, the land flourishes. If he becomes sick, the land becomes sick. It is a cycle (Piper, …show more content…
King Arthur will continue to be talked about because he always showed how a real man or knight should be. He was loyal, kind, forgiving, honest, and caring. He wanted nothing but the best for his people and his knights. He didn’t let anyone misconstrue his ideas and thoughts of what a great knight or king should be. He ruled the land to the best of his ability and loved everyone deeply. Still to this day, novelists are writing stories, reviews, and other literary documents to show what kind of man Arthur was. His legacy he left gives people an idea of who he was and what he stood for. “The acts of Arthur are the deeds of the great Albion,” said William Blake (Barber, 1999, p. 159). Many authors do King Arthur justice. He is depicted not only as a heroic legendary character, but also a well-rounded human being in literature. It is important keep reading about King Arthur because it makes the audience view how the world was back then compared to how it is now. Acts of chivalry and loyalty are not the same from how they were then to

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