Characteristics Of An Ethical Organization Essay examples

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implemented an ethics hotline, which allows employees to report unethical behavior without penalty (Daft, 2016). The whistle-blower, or individual reporting unethical behavior, can do so anonymously and with protection from the organization.
Characteristics of an Ethical Organization Characteristics of an ethical organization include ethical leadership, ethical corporate culture, ethical decision making, and a high degree of corporate social responsibility. Ethics are unique to each person but when individuals are members of an organization their ethical behaviors comprise the ethical behavior of the organization as a whole. The organizations ethical characteristics help shape the norms of behavior and values within the organization. Ethical leadership. In an organization, leaders often act as role models to employees and other leaders. According to Daft (2016), “Organizational values are developed and strengthened primarily through values-based leadership, a relationship between a leader and followers that is based on shared, strongly internalized values that are advocated and acted upon by the leader” (p. 407). Kalshoven, Van Dijk, and Boon (2016) argue that failure of leaders to act in ethical ways increases the likelihood of un-ethical pro-organizational behavior (UBP). Kalshoven et al. (2016) conducted a study to examine if UBP was a result of poor social exchange or social identity within an organization. Questionnaires were constructed and delivered to 225…

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