Stan Lee Character Analysis

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Stan Lee
“I always sympathized with people who did work for hire: i was one of them”( "Stan Lee." Brainy).This quote is from Stan Lee he sympathized with work for hire because when he started to work he did those things. Stan now the age of 89 almost 90 years old, born in New York during the depression. His first job was with his cousin 's husband Martin goodman at Timely Publication as an assistant, he was the only man who applied for the job when he got there and found out that there was an opening in the comic division, he thought why not, so he became their gofer for the only two people working there at the time Joe Simon, the editor, and Jack Kirby,the artist they
Made Captain America ("How I Did It:).Sarn Lee made one of the most successful comic business of all time Marvel, due to his unique characters, the
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Stan Lee made Marvel with his very unique characters. Stan Lee made some of today 's most recognizable heroes and villains like Spiderman, the X-Men and the Avengers and many more. ("Stan Lee, Mastermind”).Spider man is Stan’s favorite characters “what sells comics is the name i thought of a fly on the wall then I made names mosquito man didn’t sound glamours Fly man no that didn 't sound good I went down the list Spider man that it.” Spider man is one of the most long running heros Marvel has. Spider man real name is Peter Parker how work has an independent photographer lives with his aunt may after his uncle Ben was killed by something peter didn’t do he chose not to stop a robber at this fighting place because they cheaped him on a lot of money so he said it wasn 't my problem and the robber shot his uncle for his car. peter got his power when one radioactive spider bit him beside the radioactive spider bit anyone 's uncle could have been killed by a robber not to mention that his aunt is in debt and peter

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