Essay about Character Interaction Between Scout With Boo Radley

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Everybody has a bad day and when people are having a bad day they tend to not think of other people and only think about themselves, than they might complain about other people’s actions that negatively affects you. My point is, even though they are annoying you or making your life more frustrating for the moment, you have to take their perspective into account,there just doing the same thing you are trying to get through there day.You never know how how bad there day could be or situation there in.To kill a Mocking Bird has prime examples Harper Lee the author of To Kill a Mockingbird creates character interaction between scout with Boo Radley, Mrs.Dubose and Mrs.Caroline to show people are not always how they seem until you are in their shoes. So before you go judging everybody and complaining don’t just think about yourself think about their situation.
Boo Radley was thought out to be a very a very scary guy to scout because it was rumored that he had stabbed his father with scissors and nobody ever sees him coming out of his house. He hides in the darkness. But when scout actually meets him and see things in his perspective he finds out Boo is a great guy but an introvert. At the start of the book when Boo is first introduced scout is scared of Boo and she judges him based on rumors not actually knowing him. The kids have some pretty mean things to say about him.”you all’ve gone crazy he’ll kill us” dill said. Dill also said “well how would you feel if you’d been shut up…

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