Examples Of Curiosity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jem and Scout’s curiosity can get the best of them in some situations and cause them to become involved with conflicts.An example is, Jem and Scout wanted to find out what Boo Radley looked like because all they have heard is stories. They decide to sneak into the Radley’s backyard and look into the windows. During the middle of their adventure it was brought to a abrupt stop. Scout explained, “Halfway through the collards I tripped; as I tripped the roar of a shotgun shattered the neighborhood.”(Lee,71). The tales the kids hear about Boo opened a door for them to use their imagination and wonder if there was any truths behind the stories. The quote shows the consequence they faced, when they allowed themselves to search for the truth and …show more content…
Scout was explaining to her teach why Walter would refuse to take her money for lunch. Because of the explanation she gave, her teacher hit her with a ruler. This made Scout very angry and she took her angry out on Walter Cunningham. Scout narrates, “Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop.” (Lee,30). The quote shows rather than tells how Scout’s personality is her enemy. Scout does not like when she gets in trouble so she decided to take out it out on the people around her. This causes many people to dislike her, proving that her personality has a negative impact on her and is one of her enemys.Furthermore, when Scout was going to school and she has a new teacher, Miss. Caroline. Scout is able to read in her class and understand the reading. Miss. Caroline was shocked buy this and told Scout to stop allowing her dad to read with her. Scout explains,“Jem, that damn lady says Atticus’s been teaching me to read and for him to stop it—”(Lee,23). There is not only one trait in her personality that causes it to be her antagonist, but her not being able to put her self in others shoes is a big part of it as well. Judging people and not being able to understand their perspective of things creates enemy’s and that is exactly what Scout is doing in this quote with her personality. This creates the point that the ultimate enemy is herself, and if she would like that to change she much change her self to someone others would like. The way others perceive Scout because of her personality demonstrates the conflicts and enemy’s her personality traits

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