Character Analysis : ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Noor Darwish
Hour 2

This hero from ancient Greece encountered many temptations, killed monsters, killed hundreds of people, so he can return home to his beloved wife. Who is this man? This man is Odysseus. He is a mythological legend from a story called The Odyssey written by Homer. The three main qualities that best describe Odysseus are curiosity, bravery, and intelligence. First of all, Odysseus is curious. A reason why odysseus is a curious person is because he never seen a cyclops so when he was close to a cave of a cyclops he and his men went to explore the cave. He and his men waited inside the cave to see the cyclops they have never seen before. This clearly shows that he’s a curious man. Another reason that shows Odysseus is a curious man is when he landed on circe 's island. Odysseus and his men stopped sailing and went to rest. Also they went to look for water. Then they saw smoke in the air while resting. Curious Odysseus has to see who 's up there and why there 's smoke. He sent his men to explore the area and it ended up being Circe 's island. She turned his men into pigs but then odysseus went up to save them. His men turning into pigs shows how curiosity can be harmful.
The last thing that helps describe how Odysseus is a curious man is him wanting to hear the sirens. Odysseus told his men that he wants to see how it is to hear the Sirens. He told his men to tie him up to the boat. He did this so he does not go and get himself killed by going to the…

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